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PVC & TPR Granules Manufacturer

Tongxiang Juli Plastic Co., Ltd is a company established as a manufacturer of plastic products specializing in production of granules used for further production of plastics. We are a distinguished thermoplastic polymers manufacturer, producing various types of PVC granules for further production of products such as PVC Pipes, wire and cable PVC compounds, garden hose pipes, shoe products, plumbing pipes and even soft PVC compounds.

We are based in China, with an ultra-modern facility covering over 10,000 meters in square area. We have vision to be a global leader in manufacturing of plastic polymers, leading in innovation and quality. The mission of the company is to build long-term relationship with our clients through provision of high quality products and services, through research, innovation and the best customer service in the industry.

We believe in maintaining high standards of integrity and business ethics towards clients, competitors and amongst the workforce. The company is run by a team of experienced directors and technical staff, who have honed their skills for more than two decades of research and development.

Our goals are to expand regionally as well as globally, develop an efficient global distribution system, as well as strong customer base that will enhance our reputation in the industry and increase the visibility of our brands. Some of our flagship products include;

Rigid PVC Compound for Pipe Fittings
These are high quality PVC pellets that are used in manufacturing a broad range of plastic pipe fittings that are tough and durable. Rigid PVC Compounds are availed as dry pellets bulked to various weights for ease of transportation. These fittings include elbows, reducers, PVC pipes, gate valves and many more.


PVC compound for Soft Hose/Garden Hose
The company has had great success in manufacture of PVC compounds used in production of hose pipes, medical tubes, garden hoses, agricultural and plumbing hoses and also specialized hose pipes. We have never had any customer complaints regarding our product and this has been our strength.


Virgin PVC Compound for Cable and Wire
Virgin PVC Compound is non-recycled poly vinyl chloride pellets of the cable insulation grade that can be supplied in the natural state or with additives to provide different colors to the final product. Various types are available depending on the heat tolerance, which ranges from 70 degrees centigrade to 105 degrees centigrade, heat resistance.


Virgin PVC Granules for Slipper/Rain Boot/Shoe Sole
Virgin PVC Granules is special PVC granules that can withstand the pressure of the feet without getting torn or damaged. This has been achieved through a process of continuous improvement and research leading to high quality pellets. The PVC granules also go through a process of quality testing, heat resistance and also resistance to mechanical damage. Our clients are our testimony.


TPR/TR Compounds for Shoe Sole/Handle
Thermoplastic rubber is also among our specialty products, used in manufacture of foot wear such as safety boots, shoe soles, sport shoes and open shoes. TPR/TR compounds are formulated using styrene – butadiene-styrene or styrene-ethylene/butylene – styrene (SEBS) co polymers. They are molded and extruded using the convectional thermoplastic process equipments to give the final product.


PVC Profile
PVC profiles are manufactured through the extrusion technology, giving rigid profiles used in building and construction. We ensure value for money by guaranteeing long lasting and quality products for your construction.



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