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Multitude of Applications of TPR and PVC Compounds

Nowadays, you cannot deny the importance of PVC and TPR components. These are used in multiple applications, and are gaining worldwide popularity. But, before you even start using any of these items; it is mandatory to know more about the compounds first. That will help in easy application services.

PVC Compound:

Mostly defined as polyvinyl chloride, PVC Compound is the widely used synthetic plastic polymer. It is available in two basic forms, and those are flexible and rigid. In some parts of the world, PVC is also termed as vinyl and is used in multiple flexible applications. Those are decorative sheets, flooring and even in artificial leather.


TPR compound:

Thermoplastic Rubber is defined as copolymer class. It has the finest physical mixture of polymers, which have elastomeric and thermoplastic properties. Sometimes, you might even come across plastic TPV. It has the closest properties of that of EPDM thermoset rubber. It can easily combine the best characteristics of vulcanized rubber with some thermoplastic properties.

PVC and TPR application in manufacturing:
There are multiple areas, where you can see proficient use of TPR and PVC Compounds. Among so many areas, these compounds are majorly important in the field of manufacturing. Most of the manufacturing units are relying on these compounds for constructing some important items of daily lives.

  • Pipe fittings:

Pipe fittings are the materials and parts used in connection of various pipes and parts. Some pipes are held responsible for smooth flow of routing hot water release. And that hot water gets released from TPR. These are safety devices, which are installed within water heater appliances. You can find them in boilers and even in water supply heaters.

  • Soft Hose or Garden Hose:

Mostly known for its safety notion, PVC compounds can be easily seen in proper uses of soft hose or garden hose. Sometimes, limited temperature limitations of PEX can be used with TPR for safety measures. These are tested first for its standardized P and T relief valves, before adding it with the TPR safety valves.

  • Cables and wires:

The Virgin PVC Compound or the jacket materials are used for wire and cable. There are multiple PVC wires available, which are available in both custom and stocks. These are used in multiple voltage ratings, AWG sizes, shielding constructions and even in conductor counts.

  • Slipper or Rain Boot or Shoe Sole:

Whenever you are dealing with TPR and its uses in shoe sole, you are practically thinking about the thermoplastic rubber. These are used in shoe sole to make it more flexible and easy to use. It can even be used for foxing some strip usage.

  • Device Handles:

For enriching the safety notion of device handles, you can see proficient use of TPR and PVC granules in the elements. It makes the final item more durable and long lasting, as well. There are multiple variations, available over here, as well.

Starting from pipe fittings to the field of cables and wires, these products are used in multiple areas. Moreover, you can even see proper use of these items in device handles and in rain boots, to name a few.


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