PVC Compounds · PVC Granules · PVC Pipes

PVC Compounds Manufacturing, Processing and Other Applications

The PVC cable compounds are normally manufactured by processing the compositions of polyvinylchloride that are produced as granules.  The process involves application of stabilizers, modifiers and plasticizers. PVC cable compounds are designed to meet cable specifications for being flame retardant and being competitive in price. These cables have high mechanical strength and are able to resist water.  The compounds have high thermal resistance to low temperatures. PVC cable compounds are used in the cable and conductor industry to make protective wire and cable insulation.

PVC Compounds Manufacturing, Processing and Other Applications

Rigid PVC Granules

Rigid PVC granules are used for in and out door applications. The density of the granules can range from 1.26 to 1.72 grams per cubic centimetre. The granules are suitable for the injection production process since they are fluid and match well with the machines. The granules have the following feature;

  • Excellent durability.
  • Have light weight.
  • The tensile strength is high.
  • They are easy to handle.

PVC granules for shoe soles come in various colours as per the clients’ specifications. The granules have the following advantages;

  • They are available in various options.
  • Their hardness is flexible in nature.
  • Their prices are competitive.
  • They are non-toxic in nature.

TPR Granules

TPR compounds for shoe soles are applied to footwear products, toys and cable jacketing. These compounds are able to provide weather resistance, low temperature, flexibility and have light weight. TPR granules not only have good properties but also have a bright surface that is eye appealing. The granules are used in manufacturing of shoes and footwear since they have a wonderful touch feeling and are environmentally friendly.

The TPR granules are odourless and cause no pollution. The granules are fully recyclable which makes them very flexible in nature.

Virgin PVC granules for shoe soles are used to make shoe soles and shoe back. For instance, the granules are used in the manufacture of slippers, sandals, rain shoes, sports shoes; leather shoes and other high and low grade fashionable shoes.

PVC granules are divided into two. They can be made of soft PVC granules whereby foaming agents can be added to produce foam or the granules can be unfoamed.

PVC Foot wears Compounds

PVC footwear compounds can be applied in the manufacture of several types of footwear such as casual shoes, safety boots and sports shoes. These compounds have the following feature;

  • They have low density.
  • They are resistant to atmospheric pressure.
  • They are resistant to abrasion.

The foot wear manufacturing compounds are very durable and are resistant to skidding. PVC compounds are usually in powder form and can also be granules in their physical state. The compounds can be transparent or colored in appearance. These compounds are mostly used for modern footwear.

Garden Hose PVC Compounds

Garden hose PVC compounds are used for domestic applications. They come in various sizes and colours. These compounds have excellent performance and a smooth surface. The PVC garden hose can also be applied in lawn and garden watering, golf course water lines, nursery water supply lines as well as irrigation supply lines.


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