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Multitude of Applications of TPR and PVC Compounds

Nowadays, you cannot deny the importance of PVC and TPR components. These are used in multiple applications, and are gaining worldwide popularity. But, before you even start using any of these items; it is mandatory to know more about the compounds first. That will help in easy application services. PVC Compound: Mostly defined as polyvinyl… Continue reading Multitude of Applications of TPR and PVC Compounds

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PVC & TPR Granules Manufacturer

Tongxiang Juli Plastic Co., Ltd is a company established as a manufacturer of plastic products specializing in production of granules used for further production of plastics. We are a distinguished thermoplastic polymers manufacturer, producing various types of PVC granules for further production of products such as PVC Pipes, wire and cable PVC compounds, garden hose… Continue reading PVC & TPR Granules Manufacturer